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7 Feb 2023

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Weaviate Develops Custom Search Module for ChatGPT

AMSTERDAM – A search model that allows users to specify that ChatGPT works from a user's own vector database rather than the generalized knowledge base ChatGPT relies on is now available. It's developed by Amsterdam-based Weaviate, the module lets users address business-specific questions not otherwide found, according to the company.

"Generative models like the one used to create ChatGPT display very impressive language abilities but their business applications are limited because they are trained on data that's freely available on the internet,” according to Weaviate CEO and co-founder Bob van Luijt. “About 80% of the world's data exists behind firewalls–for good reasons, because it is confidential or proprietary. So, we created a generative AI module to integrate with GPT-3 and other models (like LaMDA), allowing our open-source users and customers to leverage the model's language abilities with their own Weaviate vector databases.”

As van Luijt notes, the module is open-source and freely available for download. It is not limited to natural language, but can also search images, audio, video, and even genetic information, according to the company.

Image from Weaviate.

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