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21 Jul 2022

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IDCA Welcomes IE Networks as a New Partner for Ethiopia

Washington D.C., July 20th, 2022: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) today announced that IE Networks of Ethiopia and the International Data Center Authority have signed a partnership agreement to enhance Ethiopia's digital infrastructure together. As a national IDCA representation, IE Networks will provide an end-to-end portfolio of IDCA’s advanced digital infrastructure portfolio in Ethiopia which will include audit and certifications, digital economy initiatives, advance advisory and consulting engagements, training and education, conferences and exhibitions, memberships, and other IDCA related affairs nationwide for data centers, cloud services, cybersecurity, IoT, AI and more.

One main mission of both organizations is to ensure that all professionals across Ethiopia will become fully trained and certified to the highest of IDCA standards and that all data centers and cloud infrastructure will work to achieve full compliance with IDCA principles.

Solomon Edun, Head of IDCA Africa, stated, “IE Networks is a premier entity with vast resources who has dedicated its resources in making this partnership a success. IDCA looks very much forward to this collaboration and supports IE Networks in every possible way to ensure that the stakeholders in Ethiopia can receive the same level of quality service that is being delivered in the Americas.”

Meried Bekele founded IE Networks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. IE Networks has strived to become Ethiopia's leading IT company since its establishment in 2008. Mr. Bekele stated "Africa has a data center market size expected to grow to 5 billion USD by 2026. Although building and investing in data centers is looking to be a profitable decision, building an up-to-standard and quality data center will make all the difference in Africa’s quality of life. And The partnership between IE Networks and IDCA will ensure optimum results for the Ethiopian data center market and create great synergy with IDCA’s efforts in the rest of Africa."

Throughout the years, the IE Network has been the country's leading provider of enterprise IT solutions. Its partnership with world-renowned companies such as Dell, IBM, Cisco, and SAP has allowed it to provide the highest quality products and services with international certification. This makes IE Networks a world-class company operating on the African continent.

The company provides modern data center and cloud solutions (including data center facility and power), enterprise network services, business automation, and business intelligence, as well as smart infrastructure solutions, serving major corporate and government entities nationwide.

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