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10 Dec 2021

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IDCA Welcomes Jason McGinnis to the Technical Standards Committee

Washington D.C., December 9, 2021: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) today announces that Jason McGinnis has joined the IDCA Technical Standards Committee.

Jason McGinnis currently serves as founder, President & Chief Technology Officer of InfoBunker, Mid-state Broadband, and Mid-Iowa Telecom, as well as advising the board for several not-for-profits, and companies both domestic and international. He specializes in understanding the complex interaction of facilities and operations along with the difficulties of finance and regulatory obligations working as a cohesive group, often able to help bridge the tech gap to a less technical management. He brings a long history of tech support, systems and network engineering, data center management, and logistical troubleshooting. He is a certified Data Center Authority (DCA)®️ and currently enjoys the position as an IDCA lecturer for certain classes around the world.

Having started his career during the beginning of the tech revolution in Silicon Valley, his previous experience was primarily as a contractor during the dot-com bubble having worked with multiple unicorns during their startup phase and learning to do whatever skillset was most useful at the time in a rapidly changing environment. Some positions of note outside of that are 4-year term position with NASA, 3 years with SGI, and many on behalf of the various branches of the Government and Military both domestic and foreign. He has worked for such companies and agencies as the Army Corps of Engineers, DARPA, and VIA of Taiwan, X.COM/PAYPAL, IBM Manufacturing, PDI (now a Dreamworks company) and numerous others. He is contracted both domestic and internationally to help facilities with their HVAC and power management issues.

His prior experience and industry contracts bring an unusual collection of resources and support in solving traditionally complicated problems with often unique solutions. Jason is an active member of AFCOM, has completed the D.R.I. Master Courses for disaster planners and is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and with over 22 years in the industry. Data center specific certifications include CDCDP, DCA, and numerous product specific certs. One of his great joys in life is traveling to see the world, the people, and the wonders in it, never turning down a chance to meet someone new and to be invited to see how someone tackled a problem with a unique solution.

G.H., Chief Communications Officer of IDCA stated, “We welcome Jason on board with us at the technical standards committee and have confidence in his valuable contributions to our great industry.”

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