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19 Oct 2022

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AI-Generated Films Could Be The Future Of Movie-Making

In a provocative effort to prove that generative AI art models can open ambitious levels of filmmaking to the general public, a guy with no background in film or artificial intelligence is working on making an entire movie.

According to Fabian Stelzer of German tech company Dynitix, his 70s-style sci-fi movie Salt will not completely feature a human voice. Instead, Stelzer also intends to incorporate a model with generative algorithms to do all the visual and audio work. The reason? He aims wants to generate all visual and audio effects with a generative algorithm.

"I want to have a 'Director's Cut' at some point, or a 'Community's Cut,' but the real goal is to transcend the medium of film into something new, like enable everyone in the community to eventually use a model that lets them write their scenes." He commented.

"We're really on the verge of a new era," Stelzer told PCMag. "To me, this is as big as the invention of photography, and to be honest, maybe as big as the invention of writing."

He uses AI programs like DALL-E 2, Mid journey, and Stable Diffusion to generate the film's images and audio, which include everything from grainy camera stock to VHS distortion.

"All big things start as experiments," He told PCMag, and because he is so bold with his plans, it is difficult not to see the beauty in his actions.

A lot of people have been talking about this new movie, and some are wondering if it will be any good. Most people think that the idea is very interesting and cool, but they're not sure how well the movie will turn out. The film has generated a lot of interest, but no one can say for sure if it will live up to expectations.

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