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21 Dec 2022

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Airtel Africa Is the Only Bidder in Nigeria's Second 5G Licensing

Airtel Africa, one of Nigeria's leading mobile network providers, has emerged as the only bidder in the country’s latest 5G spectrum auction. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) carried out the bidding process, which aims to provide broadband services across the country.

Airtel Africa has secured the license to deploy 5G infrastructure and services across Nigeria following the successful bidding process. With this move, Airtel Africa is expected to strengthen its existing telecom infrastructure further and bridge the digital divide.

Airtel Africa's spectrum win will enable it to offer a wide range of 5G-powered services, such as faster broadband speeds and better quality voice services. This will help to drive more innovation in the telecom sector and bring more benefits to Nigerian consumers.

The 5G technology is an important step for the Nigerian telecom sector. With Airtel Africa now having exclusive rights to use it, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities this new technology brings.

NCC said Standard Network & Connections Limited failed to pay the required "intention to bid deposit," leaving Airtel the only bidder.

The regulator has set a reserve price of $273.6 million for the new 5G spectrum license with a tenure of 10 years.

This development is another feather in Airtel Africa's cap as it has been a leader in the Nigerian telecom industry for many years. With this win, the company can now look forward to delivering world-class 5G services to customers across the country.

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