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28 Dec 2022

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) launch New Local Zones in Bangkok and Kolkata to Improve Low-Latency in Thailand and India

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Credit: Joao-Pierre S. Ruth

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the launch of two new Local Zones in Bangkok, Thailand, and Kolkata, India.

The new Local Zones are designed to improve low-latency performance for customers in these regions, allowing them to access AWS services with increased speed and reliability.

This is great news for businesses in Thailand and India looking to leverage the cloud to power their applications.

In November 2022, the AWS company launched its new local Zones service in Argentina, Denmark, Finland, and Oman as part of a yearlong campaign to expand its business internationally.

As of June, it has 17 Local Zones in the US and plans 32 internationally. Ultimately, the company expects to launch hundreds of Local Zones.

Amazon Web Services have managed to secure AWS compute and storage service, at the Edge of communications providers' 5G networks, in 29 Wavelength Zones spread across seven countries. The giant tech company has secured partnerships with Vodafone, KDDI, Verizon, SK Telecom, and Bell Canada.

As part of its EdgeFront content delivery network (CDN), Amazon operates in 90 cities across 47 countries with more than 310 points of presence.

For example, it offers AWS Outposts which are shipping containers that you can move to and place in different locations on your property, such as in the middle of your industrial warehouse or next to the biometric monitoring in the employee break room.

These new low-latency edge sites are designed to improve latency and responsiveness for customers in these regions, giving them access to the full suite of AWS services and infrastructure.

With the launch of these Local Zones, AWS is expanding its global footprint, making it easier for businesses in Thailand and India to build and run their applications on the cloud.

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