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15 Dec 2022

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App Bundles Will Cut down the Number of Google TV Apps

Google is looking to trim down the number of apps that are available on Google TV by creating a new program called App Bundles. This new program is set to launch next month, and it's meant to make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for.

It also makes it easier for developers as they don't have to worry about bundling their apps with others that may not work well together. Developers can still submit individual apps, but submitting an App Bundle is also beneficial.

The giant tech company announced that from now on, any Android TV or Google TV apps must use the Android App Bundle system by May 2023.

What are App Bundles? They are replacements for Android Package Kits (APKs), which were released to Android phones in November 2020. According to Google, AABs are noted for providing the following benefits.

Smaller size: AACs are approximately 20 percent smaller than APKs, which means faster downloads and less storage space consumed.

Streamlined delivery: As an extension of the above, AABs allow the Play Store to serve a device-specific app dynamically.

Lower uninstall risk: App Bundles help users keep more apps on their TV and also allow them to archive (which reclaims ~60% of app storage) so users can keep more apps on their TV despite limited storage.

Google predicts that a developer can go from converting an APK to an AAB in about three days. The six-month transitional period should give TV app developers more than enough time to adapt, but Google says that it may show off apps that have yet to make the change soon.

Josh Wentz, Product Management for Google TV, said, “App Bundles bring a delightful experience to both you as developers and your users, especially in the living room.”

“Thank you for your partnership in creating immersive content and entertainment experiences for the future of TV.”

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