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19 Dec 2022

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Apple Calls Its AR/VR Headset Operating System xrOS

Apple has just announced a new name for its augmented and virtual reality headset operating system: xrOS. This renaming reflects the increasingly immersive and interactive nature of Apple's cutting-edge AR/VR technology.

xrOS stands for extended reality operating system, which indicates the level of interactivity and immersion offered by this powerful platform. The software was designed to offer unprecedented detail, functionality, and control over virtual and augmented reality experiences.

This means that users can explore far more complex and interesting worlds, all from the comfort of their own homes.

In addition to its impressive features, xrOS also includes a host of tools to allow developers to create, test, and deploy AR/VR applications on various platforms. Apple has stated that it plans to open-source the software, allowing developers to customize it further and better integrate it with their apps.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the operating system has now been renamed xrOS from realityOS or rOS during development.

Various sources confirmed the OS name, and a shell company called Deep Dive LLC - expected to be associated with Apple - has registered the xrOS name internationally.

According to Bloomberg, Apple probably likes xrOS better because it's less generic than 'Extended Reality OS.' It should make the headset stand out more.

Apple's new VR/AR headset will provide an uninterrupted transition between an immersive virtual world and combining digital content with reality via augmented reality.

While Apple CEO Tim Cook says people should be discouraged from spending their whole lives in a virtual world, job listings show that the company is still looking for 3D reality world builders.

John Cook has shown himself to be more positive towards augmented reality because he feels it promotes more connections to the world around us. In the past, he has dubbed AR the next big thing and one-day hopes for AR to permeate our lives.

While Apple has yet to reveal the final cost of its first mixed-reality headset, some estimations put the price tag of the device somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000.

With xrOS, Apple is making it easier than ever to explore and experience the wonders of virtual and augmented reality. We can't wait to see what the creative minds of developers come up with!

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