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16 Feb 2022

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BEEAH Group AI powered HQ comes with a virtual twin

Right now, digital twins are at the forefront of operational excellence. By implementing this technology in the metaverse, the BEEAH Group of the United Arab Emirates envisions allowing their employees to access the same facilities in both their physical and virtual workspaces.

Wifi enabled garbage bins

The company offers services such as waste management, recycling of materials and renewable energy. They differ from other companies by using digital technology to enhance their services. For example, most garbage collection is carried out by autonomous vehicles. With WiFi-connected garbage bins, vehicles and bins can communicate, allowing centralized systems to collect and optimize data.

100 AI integrations

As the company announced that it would be building a new headquarters, it sought a design that would be smart and sustainable. As a virtual parallel to its headquarters, the new Zaha Hadid headquarters will feature digital twin technology. According to the company, it has designed the most AI-integrated workspace in the Middle East with over 100 AI integrations.

As mentioned, a key technology integration is the digital twin, which is a virtual replica of the headquarters structure and systems, tracking parameters in real time. Simulations are then run using AI, analyzing for example building occupancy rates, temperature preferences, and light preferences. Furthermore, the AI proposes solutions or implements actions that will contribute to achieving energy efficiency.

LEED Platinum

“From the beginning, we have seen the importance of using digital twin technology. It not only enables sustainable operations at LEED Platinum standards, but also helped realise our digital-driven office of the future. Digital twin technology is an essential building block for a parallel reality workplace, such as the Metaverse. It allows synchronicity between the physical and virtual worlds where our employees and partners can benefit from a simultaneous experience at our headquarters both physically and virtually”, said Khaled Al Huraimel, CEO of BEEAH Group.

New data center

In BEEAH headquarters, several access control measures are in place, from number plate recognition to direct drivers to the correct smart parking spot to facial recognition at a virtual concierge. Employees can also access specific areas through a companion app, for example control rooms. The CEO of BEEAH Group envisions that smart contracts and blockchain technology will provide employees with the next level of convenience in the near future.

“We will be able to centralise access control and employee identification for employees, through blockchain technology. This will further enhance security, from entry to physical spaces within the building and also virtual rooms. The Employee smart contracts will provide not just access to the HQ but also to several other utilities as part of their employment within the group,” Khaled Al Huraimel said.

The company partnered with Microsoft, Johnson Controls, and EVOTEQ, an venture of BEEAH Digital, the group's business unit dedicated to digital transformation and future technologies. BEEAH Digital will also be building the first data center in the Emirate of Sharjah.

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