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27 Oct 2022

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Bloomberg's Data License is Now available on Google Cloud

Bloomberg has made its Data License content available on Google Cloud, meaning clients can now use it on any of their computers with an internet connection.

Building upon their current business relationship and the recent launch of their real-time data service, Bloomberg's customers can now use Google Cloud for their needs, including receiving Bloomberg OneData content.

These sources include Bloomberg reference, price, regulatory, research, corporate actions, ESG data from 50 million securities and 30,000 data fields, and a vast library of historical data.

This technological advancement will allow customers to use ready-to-made data from Bloomberg to bring consistency across on-premise infrastructures or environments, allowing them to utilize Google Cloud tools for analytics-ready data integration fully.

Brian Doherty, the global head of the Data License Platform at Bloomberg, said, “As many of our customers migrate workloads to the cloud, they are increasingly looking for seamless end-to-end integration. Not only are they seeking ease of use, but they are also looking for a data partner that provides high-quality data at scale and with global connectivity.”

“Our ongoing commitment to expand Bloomberg’s data availability in the cloud through our continued relationship with Google Cloud will create automated workflows, reduce data onboarding time, and ultimately provide clients with an enhanced and simplified user experience.”

Google Cloud provides the capability for native Data License integration for customers. Using data-ready notifications will facilitate real-time Data License content delivery into your applications as needed.

You will also be able to automate the delivery of Data License content into managed analytics (BigQuery) and data science environments (VertexAI, Dataproc, and Spark) with the Google Cloud's built-in data engine.

According to Rohit Bhat, digital assets director of capital markets and exchanges at Google Cloud.

“We are proud to expand our collaboration with Bloomberg with this important launch of Bloomberg Data License on Google Cloud.

“Financial services customers are accelerating adoption of data services, platforms, and feeds in the cloud as they modernize their financial systems. They increasingly realize that they can better manage risk, drive capital efficiency, and focus on differentiation by leveraging the scale, elasticity, and security of Google Cloud.”

“Expanding our relationship with Bloomberg focuses on simplifying our mutual customers’ journeys and expanding access to financial institutions' most important data and tools to run their business and create value.”

With the highest data quality and comprehensive coverage of all industries, Bloomberg's Enterprise Data business transforms how customers extract value from data. Through Bloomberg's OneData approach, all of the data is easy to discover on, instantly usable and delivered through APIs on the Cloud to customers' hosting providers. The company aggregate, organize, and link data to make it accessible through various delivery methods.

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