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4 Jan 2023

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Cellnex Will Receive € 10.5 Million from the European Union to Build 5G Infrastructure Across Borders

The European Union recently announced a major investment in 5G mobile networks, awarding telecommunications company Cellnex £10.5m to build cross-border 5G infrastructure.

The new infrastructure will provide faster speeds, better coverage, and improved reliability across the EU. This new 5G infrastructure will help connect EU countries and provide citizens with faster, more reliable mobile services.

The planned projects will cover four different transportation corridors linking France, Spain, and Portugal, specifically Montpellier, Bilbao, Barcelona, Bordeaux and Évora Salamanca, and Vigo.

The projects are part of the European Commission's Connecting Europe program, which provides high-quality 5G connectivity for road safety services and drivers.

Cellnex's global director of innovation and product strategy, Eduardo Fichmann, said: "Cellnex is investing in the benefit that digitalizing these road corridors will bring, not only for connected vehicles but also for road network managers, emergency services, logistics and fleet operators as well as passengers themselves."

With the support of mobile operators, Cellnex will be deploying 34 new sites, using a neutral host model and distributed antenna systems to cover nearly 900 miles of cross-border infrastructure and bring 5G connectivity to citizens in border regions.

By 2027, the program aims to establish a pan-European network of 5G corridors as part of the EU's Digital Decade strategy.

According to Cellnex, this infrastructure is key to tomorrow's connected and automated mobility and will strengthen the digitalization of rail operations. It will also provide services beyond the transport sector in rural areas.

The new 5G infrastructure is part of the EU's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program, which aims to improve digital connectivity within the EU. The CEF program has allocated funds for projects such as broadband networks and e-commerce platforms.

The funding will build high-speed mobile networks to support increased data usage and provide better-quality internet connections across borders. It will also help Cellnex expand its existing portfolio of 5G services in the EU.

Cellnex Telecom is one of several telecom companies that have received funding from the EU's CEF program. The EU has also provided grants to telecom companies such as Telefonica, Orange, and Vodafone.

The new 5G infrastructure will benefit businesses and consumers, allowing them to access faster, more reliable mobile services across borders. This will increase productivity and efficiency in the EU, helping the region stay competitive in the global market.

The EU's decision to award Cellnex Telecom with a £10.5 million grant to build cross-border 5G infrastructure is an important step forward for the telecom industry in Europe. It will help ensure citizens have access to reliable mobile services and that businesses can operate efficiently no matter where they are located.

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