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17 May 2023

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Cyber Threat Masterclass Covers Era of Web3, Blockchain, Distributed Data, Decentralization

“The oncoming freight-train advent of Web3, Blockchain and AI are powered by stunning increases in the distribution and use, and simultaneous plummeting of, unit costs across the full value-chain spectrum of processing, storage, memory and networking technologies,” according to Dr. Nicole Fellouris, Global Head of the IDCA Cyber Threat Intelligence Advisory. “Hacking attacks top the list of Web3 security concerns, along with the potential for fraud, and the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks on blockchains themselves.”

Dr. Fellouris will lead an online masterclass on Thursday, May 25, beginning at 1pm eastern time. There will be a pair of back-to-back sessions, covering all aspects of developing, driving and reinforcing data and information security through the use of immutable Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technologies in the emerging Web3 era.

“The recent emphasis on use of graphical processing units (GPUs) to augment or replace traditional CPU functionality and whole new platforms has extended the range of what developers and users alike consider possible in the digital realm with the idea of a fully functional XR Mediaverse becoming reality,” said Bruce Taylor, Board Member and Chief Media Officer of IDCA, who will co-lead the masterclass.

Panelists include:

* Samuel Visner, Vice-Chair of SpaceISAC

* Philip Abraham, Founder of Cloudface3++ Technology

* Stefanie Drysdale, Senior VP of Cyber Practice, Prescient

* Rich Banta, CTO, IDCA

* Roger Strukhoff, Director of Research, IDCA

“Web3 and XR-verse media applications are designed to offer new realms of interactive, immersive and experiential user/owner engagement that are more secure, transparent, and decentralized than those of the current Web 2.0,” Taylor added. However, they also come with their own new world of evolving and, potentially, escalating security concerns.”

Registration for the masterclass is open, and free of charge to all attendees. It is particularly designed for CISO/CSO/Senior Analysts, cybersecurity threat-risk thought leader, CXO/Digital Infrastructure and data center leaders, C-suite leaders, and Cybersecurity SME solutions providers, across all public and private sectors of the global digital economy.

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