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2 Feb 2023

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Examining ESG and EESG For the Nations of the World

Posted from an article at ESG Impact Zone.

The top five ESG topics being discussed by readers of ESG-related news are Energy, Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment Awards, Ratings & Rankings, Education, and Green Infrastructure, according to a new report from 3BL Media.

The report is intended for people communicating to their customers and prospects about ESG-related issue, and is available for download.

ESG issues have been of major interest in the business world recently, with pushbacks against investors and companies supporting all of its inherent issues, and pushback against the pushback by major investors such as Blackrock, which has $10 trillion in assets under management.

IDCA Research has extended ESG thinking to entire nations, rather than individual companies, and extended it further to EESG – adding “Economy” to the traditional Economy, Social, and Governance factors. IDCA's initial report, the EESG Digital Readiness of Nations Index, analyzes 147 nations in each of the factors and derives an overall score that shows how each nation has progressed and its relative prospects to develop the sustainable digital infrastructure it needs to maintain and continue socioeconomic progress.

Northern European countries form much of the top-ranked nations, with a few notable exceptions such as New Zealand, Uruguay and Costa Rica, and Rwanda. However, the index is not designed to be a competition, but rather a deep look at each nation's strengths, development areas, and its path toward continuous improvement.

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