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4 Nov 2022

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Having a Whole Metaverse at Your Fingertips Is Better than Owning Just a Piece of Land

Based on an interview conducted by Cybernews with the CEO and founder of the Digital Village, Evelyn Mora believes that Augmented Reality (AR) will become hugely popular and a reality. This future world comprises tech, holograms, and life itself.

Now she's proposing the development of Web3 that is free of national borders through the creation of a universe that is made up of thousands of autonomous metaverses, where digital objects (for example, a Digital Village property that a person owns) can be turned into digital non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and where groups of owners can create virtual worlds for the NFT.

In her design, if you are an NFT owner, you can decide if you want to share your metaverse or keep it private. You can also access Digital Village technologies, social tools, and in-game abilities. Interoperability is the primary and primary focus at the moment for those in the industry, according to Mora.

"I have always been more interested in subcultures, tribes, and cultural communities rather than the large obvious actors. So instead of having only several metaverses interoperable, we can have thousands, hundreds of thousands, inspiring, diverse communities, ruling their metaverse and communities rather than just peace of land within the larger ecosystem,"‍ Mora commented.

Digital Village will remain fully curated, hosting events and other diverse activities. However, the company's head of product Shaun Ogilvy, stressed that they are building a technology company, not an application.

"We believe the Digital Village multiverse can evolve into authentic digital worlds - built and governed the way the community wishes and limited only by the creativity of those who inhabit them," Ogilvy said.

Every season, a metaverse will be integrated into the Digital Village mainland according to its popularity and performance as measured by community members. As a result, this metaverse will have the opportunity to grow and significantly impact multiple universes.

"Creating as a community, playing as a community, and growing as a community will provide us all with an unmistakable perspective on the worlds we shape for ourselves and those who will look on us as we do our ancestors," said Dustin Rode, the Game Director of Digital Village.

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