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22 Feb 2022

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Industry group develops new standard for IoT computers

PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) is developing ModBlox7, a new modular Box PC open specification. This specification is intended as a new standard format for small box computers for use in (industrial) IoT and edge applications.

Compact and modular

ModBlox7 is a compact and modular Box PC that can be wall-mounted, attached to a DIN rail, or integrated into a 19 inch rack. Height and depth are fixed, but width is variable in multiples of 7HP. Maximum length is 84HP. In addition to being robust, the modular Box PC design will support passive conductive cooling and will be suitable for demanding applications.

The PICMG's work will produce a basic specification of the housing mechanics, the modular functional units, and the electrical interconnections between them. By combining the advantages of modularity and highly integrated Box PC solutions, the standard will ensure interoperability between manufacturers and users of the Box PC.

Healthy growth

Industry analysts Markets and Markets project that the global industry PC market will reach USD 6.1 billion by 2026, an increase of 5.8% from USD 4.6 billion in 2021. Increased demand for industrial IoT, digitalization of manufacturing, a rising awareness of resource optimization, and stringent regulatory compliance drive market growth.

The goal is to have the specification ratified by the end of 2022.

Photo credit: Jorge Ramirez

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