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3 May 2023

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LinkedIn Offers Pi as Comfort Food in Chatbot Servings

LinkedIn's Pi is the latest general chatbot to be thrown into the market. It's simply meant “to help navigate your life and your relationship with others,” according to LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman in making the announcemen. “You can talk to Pi.”

Pi was developed by Inflection AI, a startup based in Palo Alto, CA and founded by Hoffman and DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman. The cutesy name also stands for “personal intelligence,” the company says, and should be thought of as a friend rather than omniscient source. “Many people feel like they just want to be heard and they just want a tool that reflects back what they said to demonstrate they have actually been heard,” according to Suleyman.

Pi's gentle, genial mission differs from the bumbling ChatGPT and comically-named Bard in that it's not supposed to be focused on research or work productivity, the founders say. The company says it's been in development for about a year. It is backed by a $225 million investment that was co-led by Hoffman's Greylock Partners VC firm.

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