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1 Mar 2022

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MIDL project aims to establish a Digital Cambodia

The Cambodian government and Unesco have been working on a plan to increase the country's digital literacy since November 2021. The Development of National Media, Information, and Digital Literacy plan, or MIDL, was officially launched on February 28 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2023. The project is being managed by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications of Cambodia.

According to Ministry undersecretary of state E Sophea, the program will play a significant role in the goal of transforming Cambodia into a vibrant digital economy and society, by establishing key foundations that will contribute to acceptance and digital transformation in all areas of government, commerce and the everyday lives of Cambodians. A national literacy framework will define the competencies and skill levels required for key digital technologies. There is also a promotional strategy, which identifies stakeholders who should be integrated into the programme.

Government agencies, academia, and civil society organizations in Cambodia have recognized the importance of MIDL in recent years, according to Unesco.

Photo credit: Vanna Phon

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