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11 Apr 2022

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Macquarie and NTT join forces for data center push

NTT is already a major player in the global data center market with over 1,300 MW of data center capacity. The company is now entering into a strategic partnership with Macquarie Asset Management to coinvest in additional data centers in North America and Europe.

NTT already plans to increase capacity by 25 percent across 20 countries and regions in the coming years. Macquarie Asset Management is partnering with NTT to invest real estate capital in support of the Japanese company's expansion into Europe and North America. As the move to digital continues to grow globally, this partnership provides NTT with the opportunity to further accelerate its data center development to take advantage of unprecedented market growth.

As well as allowing NTT to accelerate its global expansion, the partnership with Macquarie frees up NTT's capital since it has committed to achieving net zero emissions across its data center operations by 2030 and across its entire IT infrastructure by 2040. Toward that end, NTT aims to have its entire global data center portfolio powered by renewable energy by 2030, as well as continuing to focus on improving its sustainable design standards and energy efficiency measures.

The Japanese company says that digital operations are driving demand for data centers. In the coming years, NTT plans to build and operate more data centers across the globe, with a focus on Europe and North America. Macquarie is interested in investing in the digital infrastructure sector, given the exponential growth of global data and computing and the significant capital requirements for operators to keep up with user demand.

Photo credit: Jezael Melgoza

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