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9 Feb 2023

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Major China Retailer Commits to Pervasive AI and Machine Intelligence

Word comes from China that, the country's largest Internet provider by revenue and largest major retailer, will integrate aspects of ChatGPT's technology into its user experiences, according to a Reuters report.

This follows in line with the company's overall generative AI strategy, which in September 2022 committed to AI's use in business and outlined its strategy. Said company Senior VP Cao Peng at the time, “Only by integrating AI into the whole process of the industrial chain in a large-scale and systematic way to create industrial AI can a more leading industrial competitiveness be formed.” Peng said's Industrial AI capability “is speeding up digital transformation of the upstream and downstream industries through accelerating their co-existence and opening-up by the integration of technology with the real economy.”

An example, according to Peng, is imbuing AI along the company's supply chains, to gain intelligence and improved performance in an era of supply-and-demand uncertainty for its 10 million SKUs. Peng claimed a new automation rate of 85% in procurement and reduction of industry turnover to 30 days.

Pervasive Machine Intelligence
“Intelligent” industrial parks using more than 400 automated ground vehicles have “become a strong complement” to's last-mile delivery in 25 cities across China, according to the company. In its services sector, marketing texts generated by AI now cover more than 3,000 categories automatically answer 90% of inquiries, the company said. Z

The company's vision includes an Industrial Metaverse to be developed this year, “aiming to realize a full-chain integration of digital intelligence,” a company blogpost states. Overall, the company is working toward a “fusion” of its transaction network, warehousing and distribution network, and its service network, “enabled by intelligent technologies,” the post adds.

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