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2 Nov 2022

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Microsoft Head Calls Metaverse a "Poorly Designed Video Game" After Tech Elites Have Criticized It

Despite Facebook's parent company Meta and Mark Zuckerberg's push for Metaverse and Meta Quest Virtual Reality headsets, industry veterans, including Xbox chief Phil Spencer are not optimistic about the outcome.

Specifically, Phil Spencer said that Metaverse is a 'poorly-built video game. He further explains that “video game creators have an amazing ability to build compelling worlds that we want to spend time in.” He commented, “building a metaverse that looks like a meeting room... I find that's not where I want to spend most of my time.”

Metaverse is a "project vehicle," said Palmer Luckey, former founder of Oculus VR. He added, “It’s not. It’s not fun; it’s not good. I think most people probably on the team would agree that it’s not currently a good product."

Greg Joswiak, senior vice president of marketing at Apple, also got involved in this heated exchange and said that the word Metaverse would never come out of my mouth.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel compared the Metaverse concept to living inside a computer and said that after a long day, he would never want to spend his time inside one.

Even though the idea has been criticized, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg remains optimistic. His August 2022 images purport to show his digital avatar in front of the Metaverse's Eiffel Tower, yet the project produced mediocre results despite having a $10 billion budget.

This criticism of Phil Spencer also came as a surprise given Microsoft's recent announcement that Office and Xbox will soon be accessible on Meta Quest VR Systems.

In 2022, at the Meta Connect event, Meta said, “new partnership that will bring powerful new work and productivity tools to Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 next year, including apps for Microsoft Windows 365 and Microsoft Teams and the ability to join a Teams meeting from inside Meta Horizon Workrooms."

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