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27 Jun 2022

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New service helps digital infrastructure companies and government agencies track carbon legislation

New or changing legislation in the US or EU can have a significant impact on digital infrastructures worldwide. That's why Swedish carbon expert Normative introduces a Carbon Legislation Tracker. Companies can use this free tool to comply with rapidly changing carbon emissions legislation in the EU, UK, and US.

Carbon footprints are becoming increasingly important to companies, consumers, and investors. This requires mapping CO2 emissions, or carbon accounting. While legislation is becoming stricter, companies are expected to be accountable for their emissions. Furthermore, customers demand that companies like data centers they do business with participate in carbon reduction and net-zero initiatives, increasing opportunity costs for businesses.

The two main reasons why companies measure and reduce their emissions are to remain competitive and to comply with current legislation. With the free legislation tracker, companies can navigate the jungle of existing and future regulations. The tracker shows which rules a company must follow based on information about its region, sector, and size.

The Carbon Legislation Tracker covers existing and future legislation in some of the most important markets for many companies, such as:

- All large companies in the EU are required to report their full scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions under EU's CSRD.

- All major UK companies are required to report their emissions under the UK's TCFD and SECR, including scope 1, 2, and often scope 3 (for the TCFD).

- The recent proposal by the SEC requiring all publicly traded US companies to disclose scope 1, 2, and usually scope 3 issues.

As part of its commitment to provide a real-time snapshot of legislation, Normative promises to continuously update the Carbon Legislation Tracker.

Photo credit: Flash Dantz

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