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11 Oct 2022

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Nreal Introduced Its Air Augmented Reality Glasses with iOS Compatibility to the United States

Nreal has announced that it's bringing its Air AR glasses to the US market at a lower price of $379. Additionally, the company has revealed that it's released an update that will support iOS devices.

This new support will bring Apple iPhone and iPad users into the fold of augmented reality with Nreal's incredibly compact and capable platform.

Nreal Air glasses were available in the UK as of May this year, but when it was first launched, the glasses had only Android support, excluding Apple users from the augmented reality scene.

New Nreal adapters for iOS devices are being shipped for its US launch. However, Android users will still have access to the full experience with Nebula, a launcher that allows Android applications to run natively on the glasses.

A macOS version of the Nebula launcher is also being launched for only Mac computers with M-series processors and will allow for projection to multiple screens on the MacBook.

AR glasses work best when streaming content. For example, when traveling in a plane, the glasses allow the user to have the experience of sitting in front of a private screen rather than relying on the small back-of-headrest screens.

Due to the flexible design, the user's vision is not restricted by the content but allows them to stay aware of their surroundings and know when their attention is required. In addition to being 25 percent lighter and more durable, the company says the Air Casting glasses can last for five hours of continuous usage.

Additionally, the company boasts that its product is the first to have Eye Comfort certifications Flicker Free and TUV Rheinland's Blue Light Blocking.

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