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15 Jun 2022

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Open-IX Association certifies Indonesian Internet Exchange CloudXchange

Having a high-quality internet infrastructure is crucial for countries looking to digitize their economies. These countries must convince investors that their infrastructure is competitive. A certification program such as that of the Open-IX Association may be helpful in this regard. The Open-IX Association has recently certified four more OIX-1 Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). All of these IXPs have become certified through the Community Supported Internet Exchange Program, which allows smaller internet exchanges to design their infrastructure and platforms for OIX-1 compliance.

The four IXPs are CloudXchange of Indonesia, and three US-based IXP's, Norfolk-IX (VA), Raleigh-IX (NC) and Houston-IX (TX).

CloudXchange is an internet exchange based in Indonesia with three locations in Denpasar, Jakarta, and Surabaya. It aims to create an open and neutral network ecosystem between carriers, data centers, and network providers. "We are pleased that our IXP has been certified by Open-IX," said Bahirul Rizki Ariyanto, member of the CloudXchange Board of Directors, who leads the operation of this community project. "Our participants and donors will know that we have taken a step to insure performance, resiliency, and reliability based on published standards by this certification".

The OIX-1 Certification sets a minimum level of service and engineering and was developed by IXP managers, engineers, and their customers. For the purpose of interconnecting networks efficiently, it sets a standard for massive-scale interconnection, performance, resilience, and reliability based on the requirements of Data Center and Network Operators and Interconnection Strategists.

Photo credit: Hobi industri

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