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24 Oct 2022

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Oracle Is Joining Forces with NVIDIA to Speed up the Adoption of Enterprise AI

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Consumers are exposed to more artificial intelligence (AI) than ever before, and that exposure will only increase in the next few years. Given this fact, it's no surprise that enterprise-level businesses are taking notice of AI's potential for affecting their bottom line and are taking steps to figure out how AI can impact how they do business.

Oracle is joining forces with NVIDIA to speed up the adoption of enterprise artificial intelligence (AI). The companies have partnered to provide an open, accelerated AI platform that allows businesses to harness the power of the Oracle Cloud and its robust suite of AI offerings on NVIDIA's leading GPU computing platform.

This collaboration will help enterprises build powerful, intelligent solutions that learn from data and adapt in real-time – creating new levels of efficiency and scalability in their business processes and operations.

In addition to its existing NVIDIA GPU inventory, OCI is adding tens of thousands more NVIDIA GPUs, including the A100 and the upcoming H100. The OCI AI cloud infrastructure includes bare metal, cluster networking, and storage, offering enterprises a broad, an easily accessible portfolio of AI training and strong learning inference possibilities.

Oracle CEO Safra Catz said: "To drive long-term success in today's business environment, organizations need answers and insight faster than ever."

"Our expanded alliance with NVIDIA will deliver the best of both companies expertise to help customers across industries – from healthcare and manufacturing to telecommunications and financial services – overcome the multitude of challenges they face."

According to Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, rapid improvements in AI and advanced computing will make solving rising operational costs more effectively. "Enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud-first AI strategies that enable fast development and scalable deployment. Our partnership with Oracle will put NVIDIA AI within easy reach for thousands of companies."

Over the past few years, Oracle and NVIDIA have been partnering together, producing high-powered computers with innovative AI-based software, supporting several industries, namely AI-powered innovations in business and industry.

From AI model training to data processing and simulation and large-scale deployment, NVIDIA AI Enterprise, the widely adopted software of the NVIDIA AI platform, includes essential processing engines.

NVIDIA's AI makes it easy to develop predictive models that will enable the automation of business processes and enable business insights. In addition, it will allow conversational AI, computer vision, recommend systems, and more.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise will be available on OCI in an upcoming release, enabling customers to develop and deploy AI using an accelerated, secure, and scalable platform.

Moreover, Oracle now offers early access to NVIDIA RAPIDS acceleration for Apache Spark data processing on its fully-managed Apache Spark service OCI Data Flow.

OCI Data Science will support OCI bare metal shapes such as BM as part of their response to this demand.GPU.GM4.8 with NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs across managed notebook sessions, jobs, and model deployments.

Natural language processing, drug discovery framework, Medical imaging, and genomics based on NVIDIA Clara are also developing. Additionally, Oracle and NVIDIA collaborate on AI-accelerated Oracle Cerner offerings in healthcare operations, spanning analytics, clinical solutions, and patient management.

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