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11 Aug 2022

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Orbus Software Launches a New Global Partner Program.

Orbus Software announced today that it had launched the Orbus Software Partner Program (OSP), an online toolset to help partners sell Orbus and get the most out of their partnership with the company.

This global partner program will be available to all existing and new partners who want to sell Orbus products in their businesses, from resellers to integrators, system integrators, and VARs, either online or on-premise.

The OSP includes three main components: eCommerce enablement tools, marketing aids, and sales enablement tools for partners to market Orbus' products and services within their customer base.

The goal is to create software to help resellers improve their sales and marketing efforts while reducing the burden of managing multiple partner programs independently. Partnering with Orbus allows resellers to easily access all the top software vendors in one place, giving them access to over 2,000 products without managing individual accounts on multiple platforms or building integrations themselves.

Resellers can also leverage Orbus' proprietary matchmaking algorithm that learns from an existing customer's product needs and automatically finds other complementary products, saving time on manual search efforts and increasing the likelihood of closing deals.

Most organizations want to promote the acceleration of their digital transformation and strengthen their operations to be more resilient to regulatory changes or unexpected phenomena, such as pandemics, climate change and cyber-attacks.

Partners will benefit greatly from the program since it will enable them to build sustainable digital processes capable of weathering and adapting to disruptions.

With its improved benefits and tools, the popularity of Orbus Software is expected to grow among partners, which would include resellers, system integrators, technology partners, and service organizations.

The tiered program gives our partners a deeper and more vast range of skills and solutions to assist customers across different industries, including pharmaceuticals, financial services, and the public sector, to create sustainable digital processes in their operations. In addition, partners can support their customers by modernizing the entire process, from data capture to reporting and insights.

"The new program reflects Orbus Software's commitment to a partner-first culture. We aim to have meaningful relationships with many skilled partners committed to helping accelerate digital transformation to create more resilient and sustainable organizations. Partners now have a comprehensive way to grow their businesses, gain product knowledge, and provide better customer service." Marjorie Martinez, Orbus Software's global head of partnerships.

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