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17 May 2022

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RIvada plans to boost connectivity in remote areas with low-Earth-orbit communication satellites

With Rivada Space Networks GmbH, US-based communications provider Rivada Networks is tapping into the vibrant small satellite scene in Germany. The company is currently preparing for the launch 600 low-Earth-orbit communications satellites that could prove a useful tool in providing access to the internet in remote areas worldwide.

The new space company targets enterprise and government customers. RIvada Space Networks will offer pole-to-pole satellite networks with latencies comparable to or better than terrestrial fiber. It will operate as a backbone optical network in space, interconnecting satellites using lasers. This will provide a highly reliable and highly secure global data network for business operations in telecom, enterprise, maritime, energy, and government services. At the same time, the company will provide dynamic pricing and open access technology. In this way, the company claims, it will be possible to provide Internet access at an affordable rate in remote and underserved areas where no backhaul is currently available.

Through the use of lasers to connect its satellites, Rivada Space Networks will enable resellers and B2B customers to securely connect any two points on the globe with low latency and high bandwidth. The constellation of 600 low-earth-orbit satellites will be closely coupled with Rivada's terrestrial networks. The company has developed technologies such as Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage to optimize network utilization and facilitate the sale and purchase of bandwidth.

Photo credit: Mladen Borisov

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