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27 Sep 2022

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Sleep on the Go With Volkswagen's Gen Travel Concept

Anyone stuck on the road overnight can attest that getting enough sleep when traveling can be difficult at best, especially when you're in the driver's seat. To help fix this problem, Volkswagen revealed its innovative solution to getting some shuteye while driving through the night—the Volkswagen Gen travel concept vehicle.

This car-based travel pod has an entirely self-contained module that allows passengers to turn it into a bed or an office inside their vehicle.

The car is electric, autonomous, and reconfigurable, with a cabin seat that can easily transform into a bed. The LED ambient lighting is specifically designed to influence your melatonin production, and of course. This is one of the first electrical autonomous vehicles you'll see trying to lull you to sleep.

Gen Travel's so-called overnight setup is just one of the ways the chair can be reconfigured. In addition, Volkswagen claims that the ambient lighting helps alleviate motion sickness while creating a pleasant working environment in the "conference setup" with four seats and a large table in the middle.

Therefore, there is no excuse for not finishing your presentation on bandwidth strategies for business executives. Kids, as well as adults, can be entertained by augmented reality devices, which will display interactive graphics designed to fit their needs.

The transparent and light-filled glass cabin makes it easy to spot and have a good look at everything you encounter. In addition, the base of the windows on the sides sit at the height of the average person's waist so that you can enjoy the surroundings with great visibility.

According to Volkswagen, this is an all-electric vehicle. However, the company has not released any specific information regarding the powertrain. As a substitute, Volkswagen says its Gen Travel has an Active Body Control system that calculates the car's movements ahead of time and adjusts the suspension parameters accordingly. The Gen Travel can also "platoon," or drive in convoy, to extend its range -- think of it as autonomous hypermiling.

At the time of this writing, Gen Travel isn't yet an operational vehicle, the images used in this article are a thought experiment and nothing more.

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