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24 Feb 2023

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South Korean Innovators Develop Metaverse Platform for Business

A metaverse platform developed in collaboration by local governments in Daegu City, South Korea for business uses includes private room meeting, 3D product displays, and a prepared translator with trade professional services.

Known as Meta Trade Daegu, the platform provides users with an avatar that can move around the venue freely, visit private booths, and see details of products on display.

Available in the Daegu Technopark in South Korea's third-largest urban area (after Seoul and Busan), the platform's backers describe its 3D product showcase abilities to let potential buyers “to explore and experience products in a realistic and interactive environment. The use of virtual reality technology makes it possible to bring products to life, making the buying and selling process much more engaging and enjoyable.

Professional services to support the platform include translators and trade professionals, backed by payment and contract services based on MOU/NDA systems.

Meta Trade Daegu's has also developed an AI-based company matching service that allows companies to connect with potential clients and partners from all over the world.

Meta Trade Daegu representatives also note that the platform is environmentally friendly. “By conducting business in a virtual environment, companies can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future,” according to Meta Trade Daegu. “The platform eliminates the need for physical travel, reducing the emissions associated with transportation. This not only benefits the environment but also saves time and money for both companies and their clients.

Photograph from Meta Trade Daegu.

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