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27 Sep 2022

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WALMART's APP Is Not Just a Measuring Tool; It Tries on Clothes Virtually on Your Body

Online shopping is always a gamble. You might find better prices, but you won't know if the clothes fit until you try them.

This is what Walmart's "Be Your Model" feature does: it allows customers to virtually try on clothes and see how perfectly it fits.

Rather than layering a cloth with textures of your face on the live photo, the app realistically place the cloth on the surface of your phone to achieve an illusion of clothing.

The software uses "Algorithms and Intricate Machine Learning" —to realistically shape clothes around a customer's body.

It also simulates shadows and accounts for how the fabric drapes based on weight. The software is compatible with a staggering variety of items. According to the company, there are over 270,000 clothing items in its inventory.

It's just that customers will have to wear very scantily clad underwear/shorts and a top to use the "Be Your Model" feature. It will be interesting to see what effect the feature will have on similar tight but less revealing clothing.

The release comes following Walmart's acquisition of a virtual fitting startup called Zeekit in 2021. However, according to The Verge, this may be too fashion-forward for most men. Walmart's new-fashioned features don't seem to work with men's fashion.

Is it safe to post pictures of our near-naked bodies on Walmart's website? How can we trust a company that has violated privacy laws in time past? With this feature in place, a data breach would be disastrous, potentially exposing the private images of countless customers.

Is this technology convenient? Yes. But, despite this, feeling uncomfortable with its intrusion is justified. Surely, the software will be able to accomplish the same feat without forcefully stripping customers at some point?

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