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21 Sep 2022

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What to Look out for at AI & Big Data Expo EU and NA: JPMorgan, Danone, and Other Leading Companies.

The AI & Big Data Expo EU and NA are major international conferences that provide insights into the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies. These include machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, NLP, robotics, computer vision, IoT, and other related fields. The AI & Big Data Expo EU and NA conferences are held annually worldwide.

With Artificial Intelligence and Big Data becoming two of the most exciting emerging technologies of our time, AI & Big Data Expo Europe and AI & Big Data Expo North America are hosting leading technology providers to showcase their AI and Big Data solutions that can revolutionize industries such as retail, e-commerce, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, supply chain and many more.

Any enterprise technology must go through a long, arduous development process. Take, for instance, data and analytics platforms. The Voice of the Enterprise series published in March by 451 Research revealed that one-third of companies had still not fully adopted a data-driven approach to strategic decision-making.

Why haven't we moved beyond artificial intelligence if this is the case? Just last month, writing for Enterprise Talk, Swapnil Mishra argued that many businesses are still stuck in the artificial intelligence phase. Research from Accenture found that 63% of the 1,200 businesses polled are still experimenting with projects.

"The level of an organization's mastery of AI-related capabilities in the proper mix to produce a high performance for customers, shareholders, and employees is referred to as AI maturity," "The ability to master critical competencies in the proper combinations – not just in data and AI but also in organizational strategy, talent, and culture – determines AI's maturity." Wrote Mishra.

On September 20-21, the AI & Big Data Expo Europe is being held in Amsterdam, while on October 5-6, the AI & Big Data Expo North America is being held in Santa Clara. Leading companies integral to this new, transformational process in Enterprise AI will be featured in the corresponding conference streams.

Daniel Wu, head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Commercial Banking at JPMorgan, will present a speech on building AI excellence in Santa Clara. "With the right framework and clear focus on key aspects to drive success including organization, data and analytics capability, technology, and value delivery, the power of AI can be fully unleashed and drive exponential impact across enterprises."

At this conference, Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Halliburton's chief data scientist, will speak about using the cloud and AI in the energy sector.

When Irakli Beridze, head of the Centre for AI and Robotics at UNICRI, United Nations, and Julio Peironcely, global director of insights and analytics at Danone, will give a speech on the use of AI in law enforcement, you can bet that we'll explore both sides of the debate about its use in this industry.

As one area in which companies can glean inspiration, Business Chief published a recent article focusing on how Artificial Intelligence and machine learning unite disparate data sources to produce insights and personalized results for companies.

This added more insight to what Alec Boere, an associate partner for AI and automation, Europe at Infosys Consulting, said. "With the enablement of a truly personalized experience, AI can deride the gaps that you might have in data volume to drive out customer vectors," Boere added.

Applied Data and Analytics sessions at AI & Big Data Expo North America and AI & Big Data Expo Europe will provide participants with real-world cases from businesses that have used AI and big data analytics.

At Santa Clara, Craig Maverick, Insight's senior data strategist, will give a keynote on the driving value of data in a world of risk. In Amsterdam, James Marshall-Roberts, Syngenta's global digital agronomy development lead, will discuss the current state of the agricultural industry and the impact data and analytics have had.

There are many AI and machine learning challenges, but plenty to be excited about. The upcoming AI & Big Data Expo events will offer opportunities for new ideas and next steps for your organization to learn more and explore the power of technology. Click here to check out the series of events and book your ticket.

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