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27 Sep 2022

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With a Clever Gimmick like This, Switching Between Facebook and Instagram Accounts Has Never Been Easier

Meta announced this Monday it is testing a new feature that will help users make managing Instagram and Facebook accounts easy (with an all-in-one platform).

The move illustrates Meta's effort to combine all its products, so they don't seem like different services from each other anymore.

This feature will allow users who linked their Facebook and Instagram accounts to toggle between both accounts via an account manager as long as they are added to the account manager.

As part of the new user registration process, Meta simplified registering and creating new Facebook and Instagram accounts, which could attract more new users.

According to Meta, the new account management features are "currently limited to Facebook and Instagram." However, the company will "continue to explore how to improve connected experiences across all of our technologies."

In answer to complaints from Quest VR users., the company launched Meta accounts, allowing people to log on to the VR headsets without using their Facebook accounts. The change debuted in July.

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