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20 Jan 2023

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Microsoft Goes GA with Azure OpenAI Service

SINGAPORE – Microsoft has announced GA of Azure OpenAI Service, for application with advanced AI models. “Large language models are quickly becoming an essential platform for people to innovate and apply AI to solve big problems,” according to Microsoft. Azure OpenAI Service customers will also have access to a “fine-tuned version” of ChatGPT, the company said.

Al Jazeera Digital headquartered in Doha, Qatar, is one significant customer already using Azure OpenAI. “(It) has the potential to enhance our content production in several ways,' said Jason McCartney, Vice President of Engineering at Al Jazeera, “including summarization and translation, selection of topics, AI tagging, content extraction, and style guide rule application. It can (also) help us further contextualize our reporting by conveying the opinion and the other opinion."

Microsoft says it eats its own dogfood in using the service to power GitHub Copilot, an AI pair programmer that helps developers write better code; Power BI, which leverages GPT-3-powered natural language to automatically generate formulae and expressions; and its new Microsoft Designer, which helps creators build content with natural-language prompts.

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