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6 Jan 2023

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The Z-Wave Source Code is Completed

The Source Code project, put together by the Z-Wave Alliance, is now accessible to members and has been declared “complete”.

The Alliance has announced it will open up development, allowing members to contribute code that will play a role in defining the future of the IoT protocol.

Over the last twelve months, Matter has become a focal point due to its support from tech giants such as Samsung, IKEA, Apple, Google, Signify, and more. This standard has raised expectations that the full capabilities of the smart home can be unlocked through increased compatibility.

The Z-Wave Alliance, however, is confident that its own smart home protocol will remain essential.

“This year, the smart home conversations have focused largely on Matter. With big brands supporting the initiative, Matter is bringing a lot of attention to the smart home,” said Mitch Klein, Executive Director of the Z-Wave Alliance.

“This makes it easy to overlook Z-Wave as the most established, trusted, and secure smart home protocol, which also happens to have the largest certified interoperable ecosystem in the market.”

“We firmly expect that Z-Wave will play a key role in connecting devices and delivering the experience users really want,” added Klein.

During the past 20 months, technical working groups have contributed their time and energy to accomplishing the Z-Wave Source Code project such as the networking layer, the application layer, the physical layer, and the security layer.

“This is going to be an incredible year for the smart home industry and an exciting time for verticals we see growing including MDU, hospitality, energy, and insurance,” concluded Klein.

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