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25 Jan 2023

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KiriCoins Aim to Become the Coin of the Sustainable Realm

“What if the new currency was CO2?” asks Kiri Technologies co-founder Luca Robino. Kiri is a London-based software developer focused on incentivizing sustainable behaviors. The company works with partners to reward sustainable behaviors with “KiriCoins,” which are worth about two euro cents apiece.

Examples include a program with electric vehicles made by Fiat (owned by Stellantis, the world's fifth-largest auto manufacturer) to reward drivers who volunteer for the program with coins for environmentally-conscious driving behavior. Mobile devices in the cars transmit data continuously through localized networks and digital infrastructure.

“Until now, institutions have focused on prohibiting polluting behaviors,” Rubino said. “What is missing is a positive approach to living sustainably and incentivizing every one of us to make green choices daily.”

Another example is provided by the Hungarian company Paulownia Planet. Its Paulownia4Planet program with Kiri provides customers with the opportunity to plant entire Paulownia forests, complete with bird houses, bee hotels and eco-suites, to admire nature, safeguard biodiversity and “be concrete protagonists of the green revolution.”

Another partnership with Rome-based Giancarlo Zema Design Group brings Kiri into the world of environmentally sustainable architecture and design.

KiriCoins are earned in all projects through sustainable actions with certified CO2 savings, according to the company. The KiriCoins can then be spent in a sustainable marketplace that has brands across different industries, including cosmetics, groceries, and fashion.

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