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6 Jan 2023

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Extenda Retail uses Avassa’s Edge Platform for its in-store software provision

Extenda Retail, a leading provider of in-store software solutions, has recently announced its collaboration with Avassa’s edge platform to provide retailers with a more effective and efficient way to manage their store operations.

This partnership will enable retailers to take advantage of innovative technology and provide a better customer experience. With the help of Avassa’s cutting-edge platform, retailers will be able to access the latest features and capabilities while staying ahead of the competition.

According to the company, retail operations are continuous and customers never have to experience any downtime with the Avassa platform.

“With the Avassa platform, we are able to deploy and operate our applications at the edge with ease, using the same mechanisms we already have in place for centralized cloud delivery.”

“This delights our engineers since the edge becomes a simple extension of the tooling and patterns they have grown to love in the cloud.”Shayne Clausson, CTO of Extenda Retail, said:

Extenda Retail merges in-store software and cloud software to provide the hybrid approach needed to compete with retail e-commerce. The retail company claims this will produce more reliable results in less time.

Hundreds of retailers in more than 36 countries use the company's solutions, including its Unified Commerce Platform and Customer Loyalty and Engagement service.

Avassa's co-founder and head of sales, Olle Hillström, is optimistic about the partnership.

“Today’s retailers simply can’t afford downtime of in-store applications, whether from a financial, brand reputation, or customer satisfaction perspective. We’re proud that the Avassa Edge Platform enables them to continue to broaden their hybrid offer.”

Through Avassa's Application Orchestration Platform, people can deploy and manage an application across thousands of devices. With Extenda Retail managing the in-store applications remotely through the help of Avassa, it pushes ahead with its hybrid approach to retail.

“Extenda Retail is truly ahead of their game with a hybrid delivery model for their market-leading point-of-sales,” Hillström added:

During the latter half of 2022, Avassa has taken advantage of strategic partnerships, strengthening its position as a major player in the edging market. It recently worked with authorization specialist Axiomatics on a zero-trust authorization solution for edge environments.

Avassa’s edge platform is designed to simplify application provisioning and software deployment for retailers. The platform allows retailers to quickly deploy, manage, and monitor their applications from a central cloud-based interface. It also provides powerful security tools to help protect sensitive customer data.

By leveraging Avassa’s edge platform, Extenda Retail can now deliver its retail applications more quickly and securely to its customers. This includes customer loyalty programs, customer profiles, digital signage, inventory management, and more. The platform also makes it easier for customers to upgrade and maintain their applications, ensuring that they always have the latest versions available.

Extenda Retail’s CEO, Marcus Nilsen, commented on the partnership: “We are delighted to be partnering with Avassa to provide our customers with a secure and reliable platform for delivering their applications. Avassa’s edge platform helps us ensure that our customers always have access to the most up-to-date software and that their data is safe and secure.”

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