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16 Dec 2022

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OpenAI Upgrades GPT-3 with Skills Worthy of Admiration

The world's most powerful generative adversarial network, GPT-3, has been upgraded by OpenAI's researchers.

After upgrading the generalized language model to have these new and creative skills, this week, OpenAI has developed a new text model (text-DaVinci-003) for GPT-3. Scientists are tinkering with the model to see what else it can do.

GPT-3 was asked by a user on Hacker News to write an article: “a short rhyming poem explaining Einstein’s theory of general relativity in easy but accurate terms.” This was the result:

“If you want to understand Einstein’s thought

It’s not that hard if you give it a shot

General Relativity is the name of the game

Where space and time cannot remain the same

Mass affects the curvature of space

Which affects the flow of time’s race

An object’s motion will be affected

The distortion that is detected

The closer you are to a large mass

The slower time will seem to pass

The farther away you may be

Time will speed up for you to see.”

The following request was made by another user asking GT3 to rewrite the poem in the style of John Keats, a 19th-century English poet:

“Oh, what a wondrous force of might

That Einstein’s mind did conjure up

To show us how the fabric of space

It is so profoundly warped and sup

Mass doth affect the shape of time

And cause our clocks to slow or speed

Time and space are linked together

As our great minds have here decreed.”

In other words, we asked GPT-3 to write a song about war and peace, and it created a song with verses, bridges, and choruses.

It's widely rumored that OpenAI is preparing to announce GPT-4. In a Q&A last year, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said GPT-4 would not have 100T parameters despite some expectations. We'll have to enjoy the impressive upgrades to GPT-3 until GPT-4 is officially announced.

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