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7 Dec 2022

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Wi-Fi 6 and Cellular Networking Is Powering the Next Wave of Hyper-Connectivity

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In a new whitepaper from Quectel, Wi-Fi 6 has taken on a complementary role to 5G and LTE-M connectivity.

In an article titled “Why Wi-Fi 6 Goes Hand-in-Hand with Cellular to Enable the Hyper-Connected Enterprise Future,” the Wi-Fi 6 technology is shown being applied across both indoor and outdoor applications in the automotive industry to achieve features like monitoring, maintenance, and infotainment, to customize vehicle features.

The report discusses future projections, the history of Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi 6's role in the industry's future. This report explores further projections and Wi-Fi's role in the future. Aside from that, it shows which uses are driving Wi-Fi 6 adoption.

Wi-Fi 6 is a major technological advancement that delivers high data rates, low latency, and high density, which have benefits for private networks for use cases like video applications, industrial control systems, and smart homes. However, some applications will not work for mobility or long-distance needs. You may need more Wi-Fi coverage if you have an outdoor IP camera.

Wi-Fi 6 and 5G have attractive attributes for industrial companies, so they must be evaluated together, for example, the adoption of this connectivity is used in connected vehicles, Industrie 4.0, infotainment, and smart manufacturing as complementary technologies.

Furthermore, Wi-Fi 6 and 5G monitor traffic and send alerts to vehicles in smart cities. Likewise, cellular connectivity and Wi-Fi 6 are being used in increasing amounts by healthcare, retail, and the sporting industry.

There are many useful applications for the Quectel service due to its capability to create in-car Wi-Fi hotspots and provide connections between cars and remote cameras, not to mention the increased speed and the signal's compatibility with TVs, cars, and computers.

Full MIMO client capability extends the range to high data rates, enabling the connection of external access points for automotive services, such as vehicle diagnostics, software updates, and automatic dealership check-ins. In addition to enhanced connectivity, the technology will enhance the in-vehicle experience.

When car connectivity moves from 4G to 5G, 5G Wi-Fi 6 becomes an integral part of the process. 5G Wi-Fi 6 allows seamless connectivity across multiple devices and congested areas.

Quectel launched new Wi-Fi 6 modules early this year, the FC6X series, which features the Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6 chip that allows faster connections, better connections, and enhanced security. This includes Quectel's automotive Wi-Fi 6 module, which provides users with new Bluetooth capabilities.

These modules are designed to perform exceptionally in capacity, data rates, latency, power consumption, and coverage. Customers can use their OTT (over-the-top) devices, smart homes, MiFi, industrial controls, customer premises equipment, smart TVs, and Internet-of-Vehicles systems for various consumer, industrial, and automotive applications.

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