Mehdi Paryavi - Chairman

Global State of Affairs of the
Data Center Industry

Ethiopian National Webinar

Provided in Ethiopia by: IE NETWORKS LIMITED

July 4th - 10am-12pm

This webinar will provide key insight into the the current state of affairs in the cloud infrastructure and the data center industry.Topics will include important developments and controversial topics such as sustainability, availability, security, as well as the effects of the modern-era computing such as cloud computing, edge, and serverless computing..

Ethiopian National Webinar


Mehdi Paryavi is the pioneer and authority on the digital economy fundamentals, initiatives, and developments. He is passionate about building better lives for the citizens of the world. He emphasizes on the promising merits of building the right foundations for robust and sustainable digital economies around the globe. Mr. Paryavi has carried out missions and traveled worldwide to carry the message of global harmony, peace, dialog, liberty, and prosperity through the means of fundamental digital transformation of nations and their emergence to the new global stage.

Data Center Webinar


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