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Ensuring a Higher Standard

IDCA digital infrastructure audits are inclusive of the mission-critical infrastructures, applications, information technology (IT), cloud, and data centers as well as all the necessary application-ecosystem supporting operations, documentation, policies, efficacies, systems, components, and infrastructures. 

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World’s No. 1 Professional Training

IDCA has made its mission to provide the world’s most effective training and education programs to the cloud infrastructure community and the data center world, by increasing knowledge and know-how, enabling competency, developing skilled resources for high-paying jobs, and empowering the world’s information highways.

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End-to-End Digital Infrastructure

IDCA provides end-to-end advisory, and consultancy services to stakeholders, investors, owners, and operators worldwide. These advanced services include feasibility studies, strategy and roadmap development, sustainability planning, business modeling, engineering, design, site, technology, provider, and infrastructure specification and selection.

Exceptional Resources, Exceptional Passion, Exceptional Results™

IDCA serves individuals, companies, conglomerates, and governments worldwide with exceptional expertise and passion. IDCA supports its clients as its partners for life! To IDCA, every individual is as important of a partner as any small, medium, large, and mega client. IDCA treats all parties the same and supports their infrastructural needs with the same level of passion, expertise, and strategic result-oriented motivation. This explains why thousands of IDCA clients from around the world express their utmost satisfaction with the services and support they have received from IDCA.

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Professionals, Infrastructure & Technologies

To achieve full IDCA compliance it is essential that the ecosystem is completely certified and attested by IDCA. This means that the infrastructure must be designed, planned, implemented, operated, and managed by certified professionals. Certified professionals must design, plan, implement, and manage certified digital infrastructure. Certified digital infrastructure must be made up of certified technologies, tools, systems, and components.

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The Infinity Paradigm® Standards

One of IDCA’s fundamental contributions to the world is the establishment of up-to-date, comprehensive, and unbiased standards that can define technical frameworks for information, data management, and delivery. IDCA has issued the Infinity Paradigm standards framework. The application, as the ultimate end-user of data, requires an ecosystem to perform and deliver its promise. IDCA Application Ecosystem standards are inclusive of data center standards, cloud standards, application standards, and information technology standards.

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