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Digital Infrastructure Certification

Digital Infrastructure Certification

Comprehensive Digital Infrastructure Assessment

The International “Data” Center Authority, as the ultimate standardization, education, and certification body for the Application Ecosystem® and its supporting digital infrastructure, helps deliver comprehensive, effective, up-to-date, and uniquely innovative assessment and compliance audits. The Application Ecosystem® and digital infrastructure audits are inclusive of the mission-critical applications, information technology (IT), cloud and data centers as well as all the necessary application-ecosystem supporting operations, documentation, policies, systems, components, efficacies, and infrastructures. All ecosystems will be audited, either as-designed, as-built, or as-operated on the basis of IDCA requirements to assess their compliance to IDCA Grade Levels®, and the seven (7) efficacies of availability, efficiency, capacity, operation, innovation, resilience, safety & security per each of the seven (7) application ecosystem layers of Application, Platform, Compute, IT Infrastructure (ITI), Site Facility Infrastructure (ITI), Site, and Topology.

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"Identify weaknesses, validate strengths, and recommend optimum remedies for the operation and the infrastructure to better suit stakeholders."

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4 Stack Layer Audit

Data Center Certification

The data center is the infrastructure supporting the Application Ecosystem. It is the technology platform that ultimately delivers applications for organizations. Data centers house and protect the “data”, applications, and the computing resources necessary for the delivery of applications. IDCA’s data center audit ensures that the data center will be as safe, secure, efficient, reliable, capable, effective as the organization needs it to be.

5 Stack Layer Audit

Cloud Certification

Cloud is the modern requirement for robust application delivery. Whether public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, effective cloud implementation can be the key differentiator between the success and failure of an organization. IDCA cloud audit ensures that the sourced cloud infrastructure and services meet the IDCA benchmarks as well as the organization’s efficacy objectives.

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1 Stack Layer Audit

Application Certification

Application is the heartbeat of the organization today. Every business or government function runs via the collective performance of its supportive applications. IDCA’s application audit ensures that an application actually does perform as intended and remains as secure, resilient, efficient, and reliable as possible. As it is essential for an organization to ensure that the delivery of the application matches the requirements of the business.

4 Stack Layer Audit

IT Certification

Information Technology (IT) is the backbone of today’s digital economy. Every data processed, stored, or transmitted utilizes and harnesses the capabilities that information technology enables and empowers. Therefore, IT efficiency, security, reliability, and effectiveness are vital to the health and sustainability of every department, government, business, or enterprise. IDCA’s IT audit ensures that the IT architecture, policies, and infrastructure are fully compliant with the modern principles that drive organizations forward.

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IDCA Audit

Benefits of IDCA Audit

How can you reduce or avoid risks?
How can you slash the infrastructure OPEX?
Can your infrastructure deliver the business and the end-user needs?
How can you prevent downtime and minimize loss?
Is your operation aligned with your infrastructure?
Are your vendors and contractors adhering to the industry’s latest trends?
Is your data center facility aligned with your IT?
Is your IT aligned with your application needs?
How can you improve your documentation such as SOPs, policies, SLAs, and manuals?
Application Ecosystem® Layers

The 7 Stack Layers


Application Architecture
Application Availability
Application Security
Application Integrity
Application Efficiency
Inputs, Processing, and Outputs
General Controls
Application Reliability and Performance
Application Capacity and Maintainability
Business Specific Metrics
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Platform layer image
Compute layer image
ITI layer image
SFI Layer image
Site Layer image
Topology layer image

“Application-centric, cutting edge, IT and facility encompassing, infrastructure and operation enabling, educating, assuring, modern, and effective.”
IDCA has taken strengths of its predecessors as a baseline, compiled a comprehensive, unified, practical, and effective set of requirements that possess no vague areas, no contradictions, and no room for undermining the interests of the information technology, application, cloud, and data center community. IDCA has filled the gaps of the past and on top has built operational parameters, IT security as well as physical security, precise sustainability, and energy efficiency measures, modern power, cooling and computing tactics, cloud, information technology inclusion, application reliability, design, and delivery, and much more.

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