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IDCA data center training and certification programs involve the world’s most comprehensive, credible, and favored courses. IDCA’s certified data center training courses are designed in a unique manner, focusing on the essentials for the specialists, technicians, experts, executives, managers, operators, and designers, to provide them the effective knowledge in selecting, designing, building, and managing data centers. IDCA programs involve dynamic course materials and lectures, real-world case studies, problem-solving, and group activities to enhance the learning abilities of professionals throughout the data center training courses.



Power, Cooling, and IT


Policies, Procedures, and HR


Design, Build, and Operation Efficiency


Physical Security, and Cybersecurity


Resilience and Redundancy
Structure Cabling


Telecom and Structured Cabling

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Trainees can have decades of experience or little to no prior experience and still complete the programs with astonishing takeaways. IDCA data center training and certification courses are suitable for professionals from across industries and disciplines. Specialists, engineers, managers, designers, planners, project managers, business executives, experts, technicians, consultants, trainers, and auditors attend IDCA data center training events to gain the effective knowledge and expertise.

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Data Center Training and Certification Process

IDCA certified courses are based on a dynamic ladder ascending scheme, providing a clear education path to data center professionals. Applicants of all diversities and backgrounds start from the Data Center Infrastructure Specialist (DCIS)® course, which teaches them the foundations of the data center, data center infrastructure, data center standards, and compliance. From there, professionals can either take the management route or the expert route. By taking the expert route the Data Center Engineering Specialist (DCES)® course must be completed, which comprehens




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For Who?

IDCA courses are uniquely structured to suit data center experts, specialists, technicians, operators, managers, executives, who select, design, build and manage data centers on a day-to-day basis, as well as those who are fresh in the industry and intend to pursue a career in the data center field. These courses administer in-depth knowledge and actual field expertise for engineers, architects, designers, planners, project managers, consultants, trainers, and auditors who come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Whether individuals come from a background in electrical, mechanical, civil & architecture, IT & telecom, cabling, safety & security, or business & management, the courses will effectively build the necessary foundations from the ground up for all individuals in a comprehensive manner. This is achieved by acknowledging the necessary details for the experienced crowd, who intend to update their knowledge and augment their expertise to identify and correct their ineffective practices.

By Who?

Following a solemn quest to recognize the most knowledgeable experts in the data center field, only carefully selected professionals with seasoned data center design, build, & management experience who also exhibit years of outstanding industry teaching and research capabilities, who completed rigorous IDCA cloud lecturer and instructor programs are certified and licensed by IDCA, Data Center Certified Instructor (DCCI)® are allowed to deliver the courses. IDCA courses are only available through IDCA Licensed Educational Institutions.


IDCA governs, with close attention, the implementation of its stringent policies and measures for quality of delivery and conducting methods of IDCA data center training courses. IDCA data center training courses are structured to encourage dynamic participation, group activities, and open dialogs rather than monologue lectures. IDCA data center training courses are embedded with a wide array of problem-solving exercises and activities that ensure the learned content, is digested and becomes applicable for live data center world interactions. All IDCA courses around the world, are delivered by licensed educational institutions, regularly audited with controlled oversight, and involve official respondent feedback and customer survey forms for which IDCA takes pride in having an overwhelming satisfaction from attendees to its certification programs.

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