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One of IDCA’s fundamental contributions to the world is the establishment of up-to-date, comprehensive, and unbiased standards that can define technical frameworks for information, data management, and delivery. IDCA has issued the Infinity Paradigm® standards framework. The application, as the ultimate end-user of data, requires an ecosystem to perform and deliver its promise. IDCA Application Ecosystem® standards are inclusive of data center standards, cloud standards, application standards, and information technology standards.

“In this day and age where information security is a matter of national security, efficiency is a matter of saving the world, capacity is a matter of fulfilling civil promises, availability and resilience are matters of retaining business, having visionary standards that care comprehensively, face and address challenges, solve real-world problems, and build a common ground for all stakeholders using practical benchmarks and applicable requirements, sets the stage for the ever-evolving industry to revamp itself into a formulated, structured, organized, understood and united front to set the foundations for our future generations.”, IDCA Chairman – Mehdi Paryavi

Technical Standards Committee

IDCA Technical Standards Committee (“The Committee”) represents IDCA’s interest in matters about industry standards.The Committee is composed of elite members from the leading data center, application, and cloud organizations who are involved with in-depth issues of the industry. The Committee’s core mission is to provide a remedy to the current industry gaps via developing the next-generation standards necessary to address and provide resolution to those gaps. All the committee’s effort is fundamentally rooted in the Application Ecosystem (AE)® and within the standards framework of the Infinity Paradigm®. In addition, the Committee further identifies potential new developments within the standards and takes the necessary steps. Committee members are also responsible to conduct unremitting interactions with the key industry stakeholders such as operators, providers, investors, and end-users to ensure proper foundations, standardization, and compliance are rooted within the diverse industry segments. Technical Standards Committee’s composition includes carefully selected experts from diverse industries, and backgrounds.

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IDCA has an open-door policy that promotes collaborative efforts and allows workgroups to work closely by taking part in IDCA’s mission to develop highly comprehensive, effective, application-specific technical standards.

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The Infinity Paradigm®

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The all-in-one Application Ecosystem® standards framework for infrastructure, information technology, cloud, big data, application, IoT, and data centers.


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The application exists and fulfills its purpose through the support of a holistic and vibrant ecosystem of interdependent logical & physical infrastructure and operating practices that sustain it.


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Application Availability
Application Security
Application Integrity
Application Efficiency
Inputs, Processing, and Outputs
General Controls
Application Reliability and Performance
Application Capacity and Maintainability
Business Specific Metrics
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Grading & Scoring System

Efficacy Score Rating (ESR)®

Efficacy Score Rating (ESR)® is the single most reliable score rating for comparing Data Center delivery abilities and claims! ESR® is the system of methods for the piecewise evaluation of the efficacy of a complex system. In abstract systems and methods for evaluation and comparison of a complex system's efficacy composed of independent or interdependent components is referred to as ESR®. The efficacy of each component is evaluated and scored based on a set of pre-determined criteria. The component-wise efficacy scores are then combined to produce an overall system efficacy score for evaluation of the whole and comparison with other systems within the same context or domain. Examples of efficacy score rating applications are data center, cloud, application, business, service provider rating, and security efficacy rating.

ESR®, with respect to the digital infrastructure, is a measure of the overall efficacy of an organization’s Application Ecosystem (AE)®, application delivery model (ADM)®, application delivery infrastructure (ADI)®, as well as the Availability, Security, Safety, Resilience, Efficiency, Capacity, Innovation, and Operation of the AE® layers.

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Contribute. Adopt. Give Back.

IDCA promotes collaborative efforts and enables workgroups and organizations to work closely by taking part in IDCA’s global mission to develop highly comprehensive and effective application-centric technology standards that cater to data centers, infrastructures, information technology, cloud, big data, applications, and IoT. By taking part in this collaborative standardization, which is the first of its kind in the data center industry, one will be amazed at how the wide array of expertise from diverse backgrounds can result in such a comprehensive standard and well-informed user community. No matter how great or small your participation may be, it takes three simple steps to become a part of the development and continuous refinement of the greatest standards framework our industry has ever known.

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Join the world’s elite. Observe and learn the latest industry trends, best practices, the Infinity Paradigm® insights, and become fully knowledgeable of the entire Application Ecosystem (AE)®.


Put your know-how into action. Push yourself to the limits of thinking outside the box. Collaborate with other industry experts, give inputs and take feedback. Be part of the future in the making.


Contribute to the world. Be part of the movement that shares its gains with the industry, the community, and the world, for a better, more reliable, sustainable, ethical, and inclusive world.

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