The only all-in-one open standards framework for Data Centers, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, IT, Facilities, and Infrastructure.

Business owners and Technology stakeholders have never had a systematic and dynamic mechanism that provided a holistic end-result driven evaluation of the effectiveness of the vast and disparate array of information, applications, resources, technologies, processes, personnel, infrastructure, documentation, standards, and governance that together, despite their inherent complexities, form the ecosystem that powers their business. To this day, they haven't had a common language that allowed them to effectively interact with their executive leadership and peers as well as industry stakeholders, vendors, and service providers in a way that universally assures projected business results. The Infinity Paradigm® empowers organizations to truly synchronize technology strategies, designs, plans, implementations, and operations with business strategy, and to optimize business strategy with accurate data indicating true capabilities, vulnerabilities, and competencies obtained from every layer of the Application Ecosystem®.

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