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Data Center Manager (DCM

The Data Center Manager (DCM)® course is aimed at data center managers who are not only in charge of data center operations but the entire data center lifecycle. The DCM® program strengthens the operational awareness for managing modern-day data center systems, components, and technologies.

1,156 students

5 Certification
8 Days (64 Hours)
In-Person & Virtual

Who Should Take This Course?

Data Center Managers
Data Center Supervisors
Data Center Planners & Strategists
Data Center Architects
Data Center Specialists
Data Center Professionals
Business Executives
Data Center Stakeholders
IDCA Certified Professoinals

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What You Will Learn

Obtain data center management competence
Obtain advanced data center maintenance skills
Effective policies and procedures
Effective technology mapping and specification
Efficient monitoring tools and systems
Analyze diverse day-to-day data center operations regimes
HR, vendor, 3rd-party, SLA & OLA management
Data center efficiency and optimization planning skills

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