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Digital Economy

Building Sustainable Digital Economies

Digital Economy

IDCA is the global pioneer of the Digital Economy concept. Nations and institutions need to realize the true merits of the digital economy such as its stakes, its challenges, its necessities as well as its benefits. IDCA helps determined and visionary governments as well as organizations to tap into the true potentials of the digital economy by allowing them access to key notions of what, where, and how to begin to devise realistic measures and thus harvest the immense gains of the digital economy.

IDCA is on the mission to aid nations to build robust and sustainable digital economies for the livelihood of their citizens.In the 21st century and with the rapidly evolving realms of technology, it is of utmost essential for every nation to tap into the digital economy's treasures as well as the potential safety and security it can harbor.

IDCA Digital Economy Initiatives

Partnering to strategically support the states and nations that aim to promote and realize the true potential of the digital economy:

Economic transformation
Job creation & decreased unemployment
Direct and indirect wealth creation
Elevated standards of living
National safety and security
Advocate data rights, privacy, and protection
Higher education and skilled workforce
Environmental protection
Attraction of foreign investment

Digital Economy Taskforce

IDCA’s Digital Economy Taskforce is made up of the world’s leading subject matter experts with diverse theoretical and practical experience on the subject matter.

Mehdi Paryavi


Frank Konieczny


Buddy Rizer

Digital Hub Counsel

Mark Minevich

AI Counsel

Silvana Oliva

Cloud Investments Counsel

Bruce Taylor

Sustainability Counsel

Waldo Waldman

Human Capital Counsel

Ashley Pridemore

Compliance Counsel

Rich Banta

Standards Counsel

Roger Strukhoff

Research Counsel

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