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Digital Economy

IDCA is the global pioneer of the Digital Economy concept. Nations and institutions need to realize the true merits of the digital economy such as its stakes, its challenges, its necessities as well as its benefits. IDCA helps determined and visionary governments as well as organizations to tap into the true potentials of the digital economy by allowing them access to key notions of what, where, and how to begin to devise realistic measures and thus harvest the immense gains of the digital economy. IDCA is on the mission to aid nations to build robust and sustainable digital economies for the livelihood of their citizens. In the 21st century and with the rapidly evolving realms of technology, it is of utmost essential for every nation to tap into the digital economy's treasures as well as the potential safety and security it can harbor.

IDCA Digital Economy Initiatives

Partnering to strategically support the nations that aim to promote and realize the true potentials of the digital economy

Economic transformation
Job creation & decreased unemployment
Direct and indirect wealth creation
Elevated standards of living
National safety and security
Advocate data rights, privacy, and protection
Higher education and skilled workforce
Environmental protection
Attraction of foreign investment
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Digital Economy Strategy and Policy Initiatives

Digital Economy is a strategic milestone in a nation’s upbringing for the modern era. Therefore, it is absolutely key to establish drivers, incentives, criteria, promotions, and programs that will be run through the legislators in order to become nationwide executable policies. IDCA can help nations define strategic initiatives that foster growth and prosperity, as well as safeguard national security.

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Digital Economy Roadmap Development

IDCA can aid nations in rendering short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans of orientation, establishment, development, and growth of digital economies. Creating effective roadmaps that serve as a nation’s blueprint for digital economy phases of development and growth, with defined challenges, solutions, criteria, incentives, allocation of all resources inclusive of capital, and steps for generation of employment, wealth, amenity, and security for citizens of each nation is IDCA’s doctrine.

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Digital Human Capital Development

A digital economy can only realize and sustain itself via competent and adequate human capital. Many nations suffer from skilled human capital deficit either due to their best human capital having traveled abroad for better opportunities or lack of necessary education and skill training to develop the required human power or both. IDCA’s presence and advocacies not only help to attract talented nationals back to their home countries but also to train and develop the necessary human resources to support businesses and startups nationwide.

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Digital Economy Government Partnerships

IDCA partners with governments around the world in order to help administrations formulate, define, elect, design, establish, execute, monitor, and optimize their digital economy initiatives. To this end, IDCA forms a joint task force with the governments of each country to merge the local needs and requirements of each terrain with the latest developments and technology requirements internationally. Additionally, IDCA provides strategic advice and mentorship to nations to define key differentiators establish a presence on the global stage, and entice international investment. Moreover, IDCA aids in paving the way for policy-making and helps nations establish nationalized education system and standardizations for the Application Ecosystem (AE), which is inclusive of cloud, data centers, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), big data, blockchain, machine learning, data rights, and information technology, as preliminary steps for a thriving digital economy.

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Digital Infrastructure Planning

It is always the question of what infrastructure is required to launch a successful digital economy campaign. What sort of telecommunication backbones, what types of data centers, how to devise sustainable public and private clouds, where, how, etc. IDCA helps nations devise and plan complete digital infrastructure backbones that are necessary and adequate to support the incoming investments, human capital, resiliencies, and capacities required for its sustainability and growth.

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Digital Economy Financing

IDCA helps nations facilitate the digital economy development and prosperity through budgeting mechanisms within government bodies as well as financing options available for given opportunities. There can be an abundance of financing options both locally and internationally available at IDCA venues that can be brought forward for digital economy initiatives sponsored by nominated nations. These initiatives will involve meetings with officials at the highest offices in each country, workshops and discussions with policy-makers, intense discussions and planning with ministries and relevant authorities as well as conducting national workshops and planning with both local and international investors. IDCA partners with national assemblies and governments to conduct the above and cater strategic digital economy blueprints for eager nations.

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Digital Hubs Development

IDCA can help nations, cities, states, and counties devise lucrative special-purpose digital hubs and zones dedicated to digital trade, digital innovation, digital infrastructure, digital economy, and finance. Digital innovation zones, coupled with robust digital infrastructure, digital trade, and finance facilities are the cradle for digital economy evolution, expansion, and sustainability.

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Digital Economy Lobby & International Exchange

Every digital economy requires market orientation, penetration, and presentence. IDCA can lobby for emerging digital economy initiatives on the global stage to promote a nation’s digital economy drivers, incentives, and offerings as well as facilitate the international exchange of ideas, resources, and capacities.

Youth Development

Creating effective roadmaps for developing and sustaining a robust digital economy requires long-term planning for strategic youth development programs within the technology sector. Developing the vision, creativity, and skill necessary to advance and maintain a lucrative digital economy entails putting in effect detailed, masterminded, and well-defined development programs for the youth from K12 through college degree programs as well as professional education programs. These programs must involve freshmen job scoping and cultivation policies, youth internship programs, workshops, tours, and more.

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