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10 Mar 2022

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AMS-IX supports digital economies by integrating port and transport fees

The Amsterdam Internet Exchange has announced it has expanded its EasyAccess footprint in Europe to over 400 locations in 14 countries. EasyAccess is an important program for countries that are developing their digital economies, since it allows very easy access to AMS-IX, one of the world's leading internet exchanges.

In this service, the port and transportation fees are combined into one price. In addition, customers do not have to establish a physical presence at AMS-IX PoPs to connect to AMS-IX. In order to access the nearly 900 networks connected to AMS-IX Amsterdam, users only need to be at an EasyAccess location and connect via one of AMS-IX's EasyAccess transport providers.

EasyAccess was initially launched with 25+ locations, but quickly expanded to many more locations throughout Europe. The latest new EasyAccess enabled locations are situated in data centers in Oslo (Norway) and Warsaw (Poland).

Photo credit: Adrien Olichon

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