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17 Feb 2023

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AR/VR Start-up Teams with Blockchain Company to Develop Metaverses

LONDON – Blockchain developer nChain has announced an alliance with Transmira, based in Raleigh, NC, to create metaverses with city-scale digital twins, and in the areas of sports and retail.

Transmira's patented virtual goods technology for mobile AR and desktop VR “will enable brands to provide new experiences via 3D digital twins of products, merchandise, services or special offers,” according to the announcement. Robert Rice, CEO of Transmira said, "While the industry at large is more concerned with cryptocurrency and novelty NFTs, the key to realizing the full potential and power of the Metaverse is blockchain as a fundamental requirement for data integrity and trusted commerce. nChain is the provider for the only scalable blockchain technology.”

nChain today serves clients globally in the areas of gaming, supply chain, and finance. The company offers Web3 solutions in the digital payment space, along with professional services that assist enterprises of all types to benefit from blockchain technology. Transmira is a start-up that develops technology, products, and services for businesses, brands, and creators in what it calls the world's first real-world metaverse platform, Omniscape.

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