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9 Oct 2023

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AWS Maintains Cloud Leadership, Holds 32% Share of $250B+ Global Market

AWS lost two percentage points of cloud-computing market share over the past year, but maintains a substantial lead on number two provider Azure, according to statistics from Synergy Energy Group.

AWS remains in first place with 32% of global cloud revenues that are expected to exceed $250 billion this year. Azure commands 22% of it, up a point from a year ago, and Google has 11%, also up a point. Other vendors on the radar screen include Alibaba (4%), IBM (3%), Salesforce (3%), Oracle (2%), and Tencent (2%), according to Synergy's figures. That leaves 21% for a variety of custom-cloud providers throughout the world.

Google remains mired in its position, even as dark talk of it being broken up by the US government continues during a trial in Washington DC, now in its fifth week. The irony of history runs rich during the proceedings, with Microsoft CEO Satya Natella recently testifying about the company's allegedly monopolistic practice of restricting mobile vendors to using Google as the default search engine.

An Apple executive has also testified about Google's alleged bullying. Apple, Google CEO Sundar Pichai is also expected to add his testimony to the proceedings at some point.

Microsoft, and Google are three of the world's four largest companies by market capitalization, with Saudi Arabia's massive Aramco the only non-tech company in that elite echelon.

Should Google broken up (something that almost happened to Microsoft a generation ago), it reasons that its cloud services would not be affected, unless it relies on the mother ship for significant continued investment.

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