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29 Sep 2022

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Aiming For Human-Level Artificial Intelligence, Google Says

Google believes that artificial intelligence (AI) will be key to the future of technology and global business, with advances in AI expected to revolutionize nearly every industry.

Within our lifetime, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) - AI that can accomplish anything humans can, and probably many things we can't - will become a reality. With the current involvement of Artificial intelligence researchers, we should see remarkable progress in this field anytime soon.

Responding to Tristan Greene's pessimistic piece in an article published on NextWeb, Google DeepMind head of researcher Dr. Nando de Freitas boldly asserted that the game is over and that as we scale up the level of artificial intelligence, we're likewise to approach Artificial General Intelligence.

In the original article, Greene made the argument that, despite notable advances in Machine learning and artificial intelligence over the past decades, there's no way humans will achieve a human-level artificial intelligence any time soon.

Nevertheless, it appears that OpenAI Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever and Freitas have contrary opinions to this notion.

"Solving these scaling challenges is what will deliver AGI," the DeepMind researcher tweeted, later adding that Sutskever "is right" to his claim that some neural networks may already be "slightly conscious."

While DeepMind has not declared its new Gato multi-modal AI system capable of AGI, given what one of its lead researchers has stated, it seems only a matter of time before Google declares that it will reach AGI first.

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