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3 May 2022

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Dell launches Solar Community Hubs to help digitalize remote communities

Dell Technologies has developed a program to help remote communities access digital services in education, healthcare, and workforce skills. The Solar Community Hubs program was developed with the assistance of Computer Aid, Intel, and Microsoft.

Solar Community Hubs offer technology in the fields of 5G, edge computing, and other digital solutions. The hubs are operated by communities and provide services based on their specific needs. These hubs provide communities with access to water and electricity, healthcare, and environmental conservation resources. In addition, members of the community can access training in technical skills, entrepreneurial support, education and career guidance, as well as income-generating services for job creation and financial stability.

The first Solar Community Hub was recently launched in Brazil's Boa Esperanca. This initiative was supported by the Foundation for Amazon Sustainability (FAS). This first hub provides, among other things, ruggedized laptops, desktops, servers, projectors, and Wi-Fi to indigenous tribes in a dozen remote Amazonian areas. In the past, community members had to travel far for modern services and training, but now they are able to continue their education, get vocational training, attend university, and prepare for the job market.

The hub was also designed with circularity at its core, using recycled shipping containers, sustainably sourced wood and furniture, and solar panels to run devices primarily on renewable energy.

In 2011, Dell and Computer Aid partnered to support 24 Solar Learning Labs. This partnership reached 18,000 students and community members annually in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa. This program also includes Solar Community Hubs.

Photo credit: Dell Technologies

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